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These rules are to make camping a wonderful experience for the seasoned camper as well as the beginner. They are also to make is easier for us to keep this park open for you to enjoy year after year.
We want you to have a wonderful vacation.

** Toad's Mean Green RV Park, its owner, employees, or affiliates are not responsible for any damage accidents or acts of nature to you, your vehicle, belongings or pets.

  • Pets are allowed. Clean up after your pet, even if no one is looking. Be a responsible pet owner.
  • Please, please, please have your pet on a leash AT ALL TIMES! The friendliest dogs can change their behavior radically when confronted with an unfamiliar person, situation, or environment.
  • Do not leave your pet tied up outside your unit overnight or when you are gone. It's not fair to the pet and may be a disturbance to other campers.
  • Irresponsible pet owners are what's causing many campgrounds to not allow pets.
  • You are legally responsible for any damages caused by your pet including property and/ or other peoplePark
  • All hunting gear must stay in your vehicles camper, RV or tent.
  • There will be NO hunting in the campground.

  • This campgrounds is in the woods so there will be wild animals around. Do Not attempt to hunt, kill, trap, pet or feed any wild animal. This is for your safety as well as the animal. If a wild animal acts sick or rabid please notify the owner or a campground employee. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO KILL THEM.
  • This campground has designated quiet hours, abide by them. Stay out and enjoy the stars and the campfire, but remember: if you can be heard at the next campsite, you are too loud.
  • Please drive slowly! (I would say to drive like your granny, but my granny was a speed demon) There are usually kids everywhere in a campground and we want them to be safe.
  • Respect the "boundaries" of other campsites, walk around, not through, someone else's
    campsite. Also, show your children where they should and shouldn't walk.
  • Speaking of children - acquaint yourself with the park amenities and the applicable rules. Make sure your children understand the rules. The park management is not there to babysit for you. Unruly, uncontrollable children are grounds for being expelled from the park.
  • Use the proper trash receptacles for your garbage. Don't put your trash in the office trash cans or the fire rings. There is a dumpster for the trash.
  • When walking around the campground with a beverage, throw your empty can or cup in the proper receptacle, not along side the road. These things are not part of the nature you or others have come to see.
  • Beer bottle tops need to go in the trash, not the fire pit or the ground. Beer bottle tops on the ground will cause injury and/or possible damage to someone's tent or feet.
  • There are inexpensive hangers you can purchase to safely hang your lantern from trees without damaging them.
  • Don't bring your own firewood without first checking with the campground, a lot of states/counties have laws prohibiting you from crossing state/county lines with cut wood, in the hopes of preventing the spread of insects and disease. Most campgrounds have firewood for sale (and it's a lot cheaper then a $1000 - $4000 fine).
  • Don't chop, cut or damage live standing trees, (large or small). These trees provide the shade you expect to find when you go camping.
  • If you are a smoker, please put your cigarette butts in the fire pit. Cigarette butts are not a part of nature and don't belong on campground roads, trails or all over the campsite. We do not want any of our beautiful nature burnt because someone was not responsible.
  • If it doesn't burn, don't put it in the fire pit! Aluminum and metal cans, foil, glass, wire and corn cobs don't burn, and should not be placed in the fire pit!
  • Don't burn anything but paper or wood in your fire pit. Plastic only melts and puts bad fumes into the air.
  • Be sure to extinguish your fire before retiring for the night, leaving your campsite or any other time you will not be present to watch and care for it.
  • When you are preparing to leave, please pick up any trash and leave the site looking the way you would want to see it if you were returning.
Public Amenities:
  • When using the Laundry faucility please do not over load the machines.
  • Do not leave belongings unattended. (We are not responsible if your clothes, laundry detergent or other items have been stolen.)
  • Clean out the lint trap in the dryer.
  • Make sure the room is clean and tidy for the next user. If it need attention let the office know.
  • When using the public restrooms remember to take all belongings with you when you leave. The floors are going to be wet. Take care that you do not fall. We are not responsible any accidents.
  • More indelicate, but necessary - ladies, please properly dispose of your "feminine hygiene products", Please don't try flushing them down the toilet, it will clog the system, and then there's a real problem.

ToadDid you know....

What they eat: Spiders, ants, earthworms, slugs, caterpillars, beetles, and bees.  Also frogs, newts, and lizards

If there is any kind of a problem in your campground do not hesitate to contact the Owner or workers immediately. They can usually be contacted at the office or by cell phone. If no one is available at the time you stop by to report the problem, leave a note with your site number. Please don't wait until the morning to report noisy campers from the night before. The only action we can take then is to talk to them. If campers are repeatedly obnoxious they can and do get evicted!
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